John Webb Legal Featured In Res Gestae

Posted June 4, 2015

John Webb Legal was featured in a recent issue of Res Gestae, a publication of the Lee County Bar Association. Here is the article: (you can download a scanned copy of it here)

When the LCBA presented Law in the Mall last month, something was different. As usual, attorneys gave up part of their Saturday to give their advice to members of the public at no charge. For the first time in the event, history, however, it had a sponsor. Drawing on his experience with the program in years past, John Webb decided it was worthy of some financial backing. It’s one visible way for the LCBA to achieve the third part of its mission statement: to inform the community on important legal matters. Webb explained, “People have the ability to come into a very casual setting and ask an attorney a question they might otherwise be reluctant to ask.”

Webb’s background is in business, real estate and tax law. When he moved to Southwest Florida in 2009, the foreclosure crisis was in full swing. He believes many complications homeowners facing foreclosure have experienced in recent years were, in large part, due to misinformation, and that a little bit of help finding the appropriate channels for relief, whether through a government program, loan modification agreement with the lender or otherwise, can go a long way.

When asked about some of the unique foreclosure cases he has handled, Webb recalls a case where a final judgment was entered against a Fort Myers homeowner based upon a mortgage that was supposedly signed by the homeowner’s husband. The issue with the signature, according to Webb, was that the homeowner’s husband “could not have signed the mortgage, because he was in federal prison at the time.” Webb was able to get a hearing on it a couple of hours before the sale and his request to set aside the final judgment was granted, thereby preventing the house from being sold.

Webb was born and raised in Louisiana. He attended the Northwestern University School of Law, where he earned his L.L.M. in taxation, and the St. Thomas University School of Law, where he earned his J.D. / M.B.A. He feels privileged to have the opportunity to practice law, and is gratified to share his resources with those less fortunate, as his Pro Bono Service Award from Florida Rural Legal Services demonstrates.

In practice, Mr. Webb litigates cases in Florida state courts, at both the trial and appellate level, as well as in Federal court and in disputes brought before administrative forums. Mr. Webb provides strategically-targeted representation in matters relating to the formation, governance, operation, and cessation of corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships, and offers counsel to clients concerning the tax planning and structure of these entities. Additionally, he provides assistance to individuals and homeowners in disputes arising from real estate and financial matters.

Through his leadership and vision, Mr. Webb has sought to establish John Webb Legal as a client-centric firm, with the mission of providing clients exceptional service and focused representation that is collaborative in spirit and developed though a deep understanding of each client’s needs and objectives.